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Wyoming is now preferred

Converting your company will save $650 a year and you lose no benefits in fact you gain several. We begin with what Nevada has done and will continue to do on the July 1st of 2015 changed corporate renewal fees from $325 to $650 (it was $75 a few years ago), why allow this taxation, when you can retain the same benefits for far less? Here are your options to reduce these fees , you may convert your corporation to an LLC in Nevada and pay the $325 annual fee plus conversion which is expensive or convert (which is a continuous filing) to Wyoming and pay $50 a year for annual renewal, the initial cost of a continuous filing is $575 (includes all cost in Nevada and Wyoming including RA). Plus any expedite fees if required.

Domicile is important and we recommend keeping the companies address in Nevada, as Wyoming does share information with IRS and Nevada does not!

Please read on see Why Wyoming if you are doing business exclusively in Nevada you probably will need to continue with your Nevada entity in Nevada.


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