Inc Legal Services provides this service for a fee of $100 annually (guaranteed to never change), please read the description that follows then the explanation of how to register ILS as your registered agent.

The term 'Registered Agent' means the agent (natural person or legal entity) appointed by the corporation, limited partnership, or limited liability company upon whom process or a notice or demand authorized by law to be served upon the corporation may be served. The Nevada Revised Statutes require that corporations, and other such legal entities, retain the services of a Registered Agent who must have a street address for the service of process. The street address of the Registered Agent is the registered office of the corporation in the State of Nevada.

Nevada Revised Statutes (78.105) further requires that a corporation must keep a copy of the following records at its registered office: (a) a copy certified by the Secretary of State of its Articles of Incorporation, and all amendments thereto; (b) a copy certified by an officer of the corporation of its bylaws and all amendments thereto; and (c) a stock ledger or a duplicate stock ledger, revised annually, containing the names, alphabetically arranged, of all persons who are stockholders of the corporation, showing their place of residence, if known, and the number of shares held by them respectively. In lieu of the stock ledger, the corporation may keep a statement setting out the name of the custodian of the stock ledger or duplicate stock ledger, and the present and complete post office address, including street and number, if any, where the stock ledger or duplicate stock ledger is kept. Please contact Inc Legal Services. for information regarding records maintenance for Limited Partnerships or Limited Liability Companies.

As your Registered Agent, we strive to ensure that your corporation, limited partnership, or limited liability company remains in compliance with the annual provisions as set forth by the State of Nevada.

The term Registered Agent does not mean an entity has a legitimate business address in Nevada this is called "Domicile" see Office Identity for an explanation.

When ILS files an entity for a client this service is automatically provided. However, you may wish to change your Registered Agent or file your entity yourself. In either case go to this link Support Services complete the form and check the appropriate fields, then submit the form and we will contact you immediately.



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