Why Nevada or Wyoming? 

A few years ago, Nevada doubled its renewal cost! We disagree with the

Governor of Nevada who believes, "tax the the small business to death", 

join us and lets move to Wyoming!

See Wyoming and see Domicile in Wyoming

Why incorporate in Nevada?  Don't, file in Wyoming instead and save the money!
What's so good about tax-free Nevada, nothing Wyoming is now preferred!

What are the reasons for choosing an LLC over a corporation?
Why have I heard a C corporation has double taxation? Only true for morons!

No question goes unanswered call you will find we can help and no commissioned sales!

Main Advantages to Incorporating in Nevada are gone
For the small and medium signed business, Wyoming is now the preferred jurisdiction in which to incorporate. Incorporating in Wyoming gives access to a series of fiscal and legal benefits. Asset Protection and tax exposure reduction are the two primary reasons that people choose to incorporate in Nevada. Domicile, which means "primary resident" (not to be confused with "resident agent") is critical; without a corporate address, most the Nevada benefits are lost (see Office Presence).

Tax Advantages
The first main consideration when deciding whether to incorporate in Nevada is the effect on tax exposure. Nevada offers corporations outstanding fiscal advantages. Wyoming has no business income tax, corporate shares taxes, state corporation tax, franchise tax, or inheritance tax. Further, corporations do not have to file state tax returns and share information is held private.

Asset Privacy
One advantage of Nevada incorporation is that it provides beneficial owners with unparalleled asset privacy. Nevada's reporting and disclosure obligations are lighter than in any other state.

In Wyoming the shareholders of a standard corporation may consist of any number of individuals of any nationality, and/or any number of Corporations. Shareholders identities are protected in Wyoming. Any individual or Manager, as a Director or Officer in a Wyoming Corporation, is protected from personal liability for acts committed on behalf of the Corporation, by the Corporation.

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